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My LiveJournal nickname is Leologic (ahhh... my own studies *lol*) but my overall internet nickname is Kittycat, which I use for LJ as well.
So about me: my name is Leonie, I'm 20 years old atm and I come from the Netherlands^^

Oh, and don't care about the ++horstinkistan++ on the bottom of the pictures: I use them for my site as well, but they really are my (or should I say 'our') cats.

Dusty. She's nog only our oldest at (almost 15 years old) but also the one who's been here longest of all (13 years). The last picture shows her at her favourit place: the wheel barrow in our garden (which is 55 years old XD)

Madelief (which is Dutch for Daisy). She was my sisters first cat, until she didn't come back. We still miss her sometimes, even though she was really outgoing. She disappeared at the age of two and never came back.

Madelief and our neighbours cat were close buddies, but this picture shows Luna. She was my sisters' second cat. Luna was really calm and stayed close to our house. We really loved her much, but then she got hit by a train at March 8th 2004. Luna and Dusty were close to each other, and next to my sister, Dusty missed her most of all.

Whiiiii, this is Sam. Sam is my cat. He's so damn sweet! Oh allright, he acts like an asshole sometimes, but nevertheless I love him. It's our first male cat (how are they called in English?), and we got him from the cat pound :P at the age of ten. We don't know his birthday, so the day we picked him up is the day his age changes. That date is November 19th, and he's eleven years old now ^__^

Hope you like them all ^^

If you wanna know anything else about me, just ask and I'll answer.

-X- KittyCat

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What cute pussies you have there.I think the english word you are looking for where you adopted your cat from is the pound,or animal control.At least thats what we call them over here.An asylum is a place for crazy / insane people.So unless your cat is insane you adopted him from the pound.LOL
Its intresting that you adopted him on November the 19th,my cat was born on November the 18th which is also my birthday.
lol XD

Yes, pound is the word I was looking for. Now that I read it, I remember knowing it XD. We (in the netherlands) call the pound a dierenasiel, which is litterally 'animal asylum'. So I thought I'd use that word as long as I didn't remember the real word

OMG silly me XD