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Sam & Dusty picspam

Wai wai, we're at May 7th for half an hour now. I've been making delicious pics of Sam this evening, and also a few of Dusty. My goal was to photograph the people working on the railroad this night, but our digital camera isn't quite suited for things like that. So, I've got some pictures of Sam and Dusty instead. One of them is so damn beautiful, that I actually use it as desktop background now. It's not in this picspam though ^^

Please don't mind the quality


These were old pictures of Dusty in the snow. They were still on the camera, so I decided to post them as well. Don't know from when they were, probably the last snow of this year, so it must've been end of February/early March

Miss Scary Eyes

Random sleeping on the couch

This one looks like she's lying on my fathers' legs. Too bad he's got this can of beer next to him, that's kind of the clue to discover she's not.


He wanted to go outside, but since it was already ten o'clock, we didn't let him.

Random kitchen/living room pictures. I made more of them, but they all failed because he walked away or didn't look at me (the camera) anymore.

Sam pretending to be sexy XD He did a good job though :P

I love the licking thing, especially when he's cleaning his paws

More sexyness ^__________________^

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